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After 45 years, the Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Their avid fan base- the most notorious fans in the NFL -  feel like their loyalties have been betrayed. How might we keep these die-hard fans loyal to the team for their transitional season? Introducing, LOT107. 

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Comms Plan



Brandcenter Project, 6 weeks

The Quick Pitch

OOH Hymns

To roll out the opening of LOT107, we will place "The Autumn Wind," the unofficial Raiders anthem, around the city with a QR code and the coordinates to Its location.


The Black Hole touts celebrity fans like Ice Cube, Tom Hanks, and Guy Fieri. Let's get these celebs involved in the LOT107 rollout by having them a part of the big opening day. 


The Christening


Spread the Gospel

Oakland fans will always be the authority on Raider fandom. We will send Oakland superfans to Vegas to welcome in the city and teach the newbies what Raider fandom is all about.


Thomas Freeman ,ST

Obsessed with the latest trends, Thomas is always the first to know what's in. He has his finger on the pulse on the most obscure happenings and makes his groups all the better for it. After a stint as a journalist, he has a keen ability to make anything sound catchy, no matter how mundane the content (feel free to come re-write this @Thomas)!

Payal Pereira,ST

A former engineer turned copywriter turned strategist/llustrator/photographer, there isn't a lot that Payal can't do! She started bursting creatively this year as both the photogapher and strategist in our project, The Open Sign Project, and when started illustrating mini zines to talk more about her experiences coming from India to America. She has mastered all forms of communication - verbal, written, and visual - to become a true asset to every team she's on.

Comms Plan

Barrier #1

The definition of Raiderdom is in flux, and OG fans worry Oakland will no longer have a place in it.

Barrier #2 

Oakland fans show up, but they no longer have a place to practice their traditions.

Barrier # 3

The NFL doesn't value Oakland fans' loyalty. They don't understand their role in the new Raiderdom.

Task #1

Tell Oakland residents their city will always be central to Raiderdom.

Task #2

Tell Oakland residents their city will always be central to Raiderdom.

Task #3

Make Oakland die-hards feel like the ultimate authorities on Raiderdom.

Tactic #1

OOH Hymns

Tactic #2

The Christening

Tactic #3

Spread the Gospel

The Black Hole  + Raider Nation

The Oakland Raider's fans are the most notorious fans in the NFL.  

For Oakland fans, tailgating is tradition, superfans are idols, and The Black Hole - sections 104-107 in the Oakland Coliseum - is sacred. These form a ritualistic and almost religious commitment to family, team, history, and football.  

Raider Nation bleeds silver and black, and values history, community and grit. If you wear the colors, you're family.


By getting the super fans like Gorilla Rilla engaged with the 2020 transitional season, we can inspire our halo target, the rest of Raider Nation, to come on board as well. 


“Everyone in Vegas is a Goddamn tourist, there are no real Raider fans there.” 

-  Dan, Raiders fan

“Being a Raider is part of my lifestyle. What will I do on NFL Sundays now?” 

- Reggie, fan

“It’s like losing our family, the people we went to every game with.” 

- Scott, fan

“Raiders fans here in Oakland are majority Hispanic, African-American, and working class people. But we also have some A-list celebrities and businessmen wearing the silver and black.  You never know who is behind the facepaint until they take it off.”

- Founder of The Black Hole

Fans aren't scared of losing their team, they're scared of losing their culture and identity.  ​

If the Raiders leave Oakland, so will many traditions and rituals. Raider Nation isn't afraid of football leaving Oakland, it's afraid of what the city will lose when it does. 


Oakland is and will always be the  (un)holy land of Raiderdom.


"They [The Raiders] are going to their glass castle with their white families of four and leaving their working-class, more diverse fans behind."


                                               Founder of The Black Hole 


After 45 years, the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, abandoning their die-hard, loyal fanbase. 


Oakland feel betrayed after 45 years of loyalty because because the Raiders are selling out for a bigger stadium and richer fanbase, and leaving their original fandom behind. 

Idea - LOT107

With the Oakland Coliseum closing, Oakland fans need a permanent, sacred space to continue their rituals and traditions. LOT107, with the '107' as an ode to The Black Hole in the old stadium, is an outdoor space where fans can gather to host tailgates, events, and live streams of the game.


Its purpose is to unite fans around the existing history and culture of the Raiders and show that what happens in vegas began in Oakland.  By keeping the most precious part of Raider nation - the tailgate and the Black Hole - alive in Oakland during the transitional season, we can show to Raider Nation that Oakland is the (un)holy land of the Raiders.  


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