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The Tempo Studio,  sought to create a brand experience that builds gym-like camaraderie amongst its members. When we saw that members are seeking out smaller groups based on their shared interests, we pivoted and created a set of features that leverages through those existing sub-communities. Introducing, Tempo Links.​​

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UX Strategy, Product Innovation



The Tempo Studio



Tempo Links

A community-driven feature ​that uses 'Links' or interest categories to curate personalized feeds and match members with like-minded workout partners, cohorts, branded experiences specifically relevant to them.



Create a new brand experience that forms a community for Tempo members. 


How can The Tempo Studio become more than a piece of groundbreaking equipment?


Tempo is an innovator in technology and personalization. But right now, the experience stops at the end of the workout and there is no connection between member​​

Key Finding

Shared identity drives make-shift virtual Tempo communities 

We monitored Tempo users through exclusive groups, interviewed fitness boot campers, and conducted competitive market research to see how community plays a role in fitness.

Since their recent launch, Tempo members were organically forming fitness communities around sub-cultures like "Tempo Moms" their favorite coaches or the ir location in their social media spaces. Instead of a superficial Tempo community as a badge of honor, they were looking for connections to real people with similar interests that paralleled a gym-like comraderie. 


Leverage connections we observed as the foundation of a new fitness community feature that can cater to member's diverse needs.


Link Through Onboarding 

Links will be an automatic feature in the existing Tempo app.


Once members 'link' their interests during the onboarding into the Tempo program, Tempo automatically curates a personalized experience for members. 


With just a few clicks, members can go from passive consumers to active participants.


A Tier for Everyone

Members can opt-in to any of the three tiers: the teammate, workout cohort, or general brand experience.   

Automatic upon linking

 -> Automatic


An Extended Brand Ecosystem

The 'Tempo Links' brand identity is embedded within the Tempo Studio. To set itself a part, we took Tempo's traditional logo, the upright 'T' and rotated it to symbolize a link and the action of linking.

Each link is color-coded depending on the interest area, all pulled from Tempo's current color library. 

The rotated symbol and color continuity allows for the member's action of 'linking' to become a seamless extension of the brand. 


Follow the Link Through the Tiers

Tiers 1, 2, and 3 each level up the member's involvement through the cohort and teammate using the same Links indicated during onboarding.

see full app journey

1. Curated Feed

Tempo uses your Links to curate a personalized feed, suggesting classes and connecting you with other members.

2. Cohorted groups 

Members and their teammates join link-specific cohorts to compete on leaderboards and in training programs.

3. Workout Teammate

Short-term teammates are paired based on shared Links and a short quiz. 

Check-ins, progress, and personalized suggestions allow you both to push each other towards shared progress.

Upright Tempo logo signifies an "unlinked" interest area. 

Bringing Links to Life 

To bring Links into the real world, we will use the data to see the most popular combinations and turn them into themed live events run by our coaches. 

Feedback & Reflections

We had the opportunity to work alongside the creative team at The Tempo Studio throughout the summer and then present our final work to them after the two months.

We received positive feedback on the concept and solution. As a brand, they were excited about becoming evolving into more than an isolated piece of equipment and finding a way to make their experience more multidimensional. They were excited about Links as a way to bring that multidimensionality and human element into their model! (And also for all the merch extensions!)

Meet the Team!

Marnie Abraham, ST; She is unmatched in her ability to distill complicated information into a single, salient thought. Always a savior during presentation time. 

Paige Majic, CBM;  She is committed, organized, and works incredibly hard to keep the group on track. A wonderful touchpoint to have on board. 

Dani Loleng, AD/XD; An absolute rockstar during the prototyping phase. She's a magician in bringing concepts to life and a true icon in Figma. 

Laura Gardner, CW; Truly loves words, her craft, and is in relentless pursuit of the perfect tone.

David Ligon, AD; Crucial in early ideation phases and a joy to have in the room

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